Phaedra Doyle BHSc, MSc

6th Generation Professional Intuitive Psychic


My Philosophy


A psychic reading is the act of interpreting energy from a non-physical source, your spirit and your soul. Some refer to this practice as using a "sixth" sense. But "seeing" is really a term used to describe images that psychics attach to their interpretation of your energy during the process of a reading. Psychic readings, or tuning-in to energy, is a nonphysical process that becomes a physical process through the act of interpretation.

You can choose readings by personal appointment or by telephone, book private events such as parties, showers, birthdays, or business/corporate events. Fees vary on type of event.


A session allows you to explore any issue you choose.  You can schedule a private session for any of the following issues:







And more!


I have a very strict ethic about my work.  At no time will I discuss your reading with anyone. You have complete privacy, which is never violated. Also, I do not publish or in any way distribute the list of people who have had a private session with me.


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Phone: 519-319-8037